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Whether it’s construction on your new facility or a machine in the field that’s throwing fault codes. Know your in safe hands with Amped Innovations, providing efficient solutions for fixed and mobile plant.

From the design process to commissioning, our team of dedicated
electricians specialise in installations and maintenance of complex control systems with automated facilities and machinery.



Offering a high level of reliability and responsiveness, our highly experienced electricians are here to help. Whether you’re a builder, a manager or Company owner, you can be sure you’re in safe hands. Providing electrical services for large multi residential through to asset protection and safety compliance.



We understand the importance of the safety and the efficiency of the mining industries. Providing dedicated and experienced electrical services to your site and company operations is what we’re here for. With a strong safety culture throughout Amped Innovations, a passion for quality and a dedication to the efficiency of plant and procedures. Our High Voltage and Low Voltage Electricians maintain current Standard 11’s, Medicals and Inductions throughout most open cut coal mine sites within the Bowen basin and Galilee basin.