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At Amped Innovations, we recognize the critical importance of safety and efficiency in the recycling industry. Our mission is to provide dedicated and experienced electrical services to support your site and company operations. With a robust safety culture, a passion for quality, and a commitment to optimizing the efficiency of your plant and procedures, we are well-equipped to meet your needs.

Our high voltage and low voltage electricians are highly skilled and adhere to stringent safety standards. They maintain up-to-date certifications, including relevant medicals and inductions, ensuring they are prepared to work in various environments within the recycling sector.

Whether it’s for shift relief, shutdowns, or special projects, we are here to help you maintain continuous and efficient operations.


Our Fields of Expertise


Recycling Systems:

  • Optical Sorters: Machines that use light and sensors to identify and sort recyclable materials.
  • Magnetic Separators: Equipment that uses magnets to separate ferrous metals from other materials.
  • Eddy Current Separators: Devices that use magnetic fields to separate non-ferrous metals.

Maintenance and Safety Equipment:

  • Electrical Safety Systems: Ensuring all equipment is operating safely and in compliance with regulations.
  • Condition Monitoring Systems: Equipment for monitoring the health and performance of machinery to predict failures and schedule maintenance.

Sorting and Processing Equipment:

  • Conveyors: Electrical systems for moving materials through various stages of sorting and processing.
  • Shredders and Crushers: Machinery that reduces the size of waste materials for easier handling and processing.
  • Balers: Compressing machines used to compact waste materials into bales for transport or further processing.
  • Screeners: Equipment that separates materials based on size or type.

Renewable Energy Systems:

  • Solar Panels and Wind Turbines: Providing renewable energy solutions to reduce environmental impact.
  • Battery Storage Systems: Storing energy for use during peak demand times or outages.
  • Environmental Control Systems:

    • Air Filtration Systems: Units that remove contaminants from the air to protect workers and the environment.
    • Wastewater Treatment Plants: Facilities for treating and purifying wastewater generated during operations.

Hazardous Waste Equipment:

  • Incinerators: Systems for burning hazardous waste to reduce volume and toxicity.
  • Chemical Treatment Systems: Equipment for neutralizing or processing hazardous chemicals safely.

Power Distribution and Control Systems:

  • High Voltage and Low Voltage Distribution: Ensuring reliable power supply to all parts of the facility.
  • Control Panels and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers): Systems for automating and controlling machinery and processes.
  • Backup Generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): Ensuring continuous operation during power outages.