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Whether it’s construction on your new facility or a machine in the field that’s throwing fault codes. Know your in safe hands with Amped Innovations, providing efficient solutions for fixed and mobile plant.

From the design process to commissioning, our team of dedicated
electricians specialise in installations and maintenance of complex control systems with automated facilities and machinery.

Providing a different set of skills, extensive industry experience and a sound understanding of machinery and sequential control systems. We’re here to help, working alongside electrical, mechanical, civil and mechatronics engineers we maintain the ability to provide quality and efficient electrical systems for projects, preventative maintenance and overhauls.

From asset protection and safety compliance through to facility infrastructure upgrades, you can know you’re in safe hands with Amped.



Installation and Commissioning:

  • Installing and commissioning electrical systems, including UPS support, high voltage, and low voltage infrastructure, ensuring they meet industry standards and client requirements.

 UPS Support:

  • Providing support for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, ensuring continuous power availability for critical equipment and processes.

High Voltage and Low Voltage Infrastructure:

  • Designing, installing, and maintaining high voltage and low voltage infrastructure to support industrial operations safely and efficiently.

PLC Automation and Software:

  • Implementing programmable logic controller (PLC) automation solutions, including software development and integration, to automate industrial processes and improve efficiency.

Instrumentation – Local / Remote / Field:

  • Installing and maintaining instrumentation systems for local, remote, and field applications, ensuring accurate monitoring and control of industrial processes.

Fixed and Mobile Plant Services:

  • Offering electrical services for both fixed and mobile industrial plant equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Conveyors, Reclaimers, and Stackers:

  • Installing, maintaining, and optimizing electrical systems for conveyors, reclaimers, stackers, and other material handling equipment used in industrial settings.

Sequential Machinery Controls:

  • Designing and implementing sequential machinery controls to coordinate and optimize the operation of complex industrial processes.

Turnkey or Design and Construct Projects:

  • Providing turnkey solutions or design and construct services for electrical projects, from concept to completion, tailored to client specifications.